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Adam and his friends record the conversation between Wyatt and Goddard that tells of the corporate espionage they have committed on each other.  The recording is turned over to the FBI, who arrests both men.  Adam and his friends later begin a start-up tech company, and he and Emma reconcile.

Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) is a low-level technician who works for an telecommunications company run by Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman).  A presentation made by Adam and his team of co-workers/friends about a new tracking software for cellphones goes badly, and Adam tells off Wyatt for being out of touch with his clientele.  Wyatt responds by firing Adam and his entire team.  Adam and his team decide to use his still-active corporate credit card at a nightclub and run up a huge tab.  At the club, Adam sees a woman (Amber Heard), and they go back to her apartment and have a one-night stand.  The next day, Adam is called back to meet Wyatt.  He tells Adam that he hated the presentation but likes him, and he is going to be arrested for fraud (for charging the night at the club on the card), unless he agrees to go to work for him in another way.  Wyatt wants Adam to go to work for another telecommunications company that is run by Wyatt’s rival and former mentor Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford) as a spy, and report back everything he sees and hears.  Goddard has been stealing Wyatt’s ideas and products for a long time, and he wants to return the favor.  Seeing he has no choice, Adam agrees.

With the assistance of Wyatt’s assistant Judith (Embeth Davidtz) and his head of security Meechum (Julian McMahon), Adam easily gets hired on at Goddard’s company.  Adam immediately gets on Goddard’s good side by providing him with the tracking software he developed for Wyatt, and Goddard has it installed on his personal phone.  He also meets Goddard’s Head of Marketing Emma Jennings, who is the same woman he had the one-night stand with.  Adam initiates a relationship with her to use her clearance to get access to high level products and files, but he soon begins to fall for her for real.  Shortly afterwards, Adam is visited by FBI Agent Gamble (Josh Holloway), who tells him that three other former Wyatt employees have gone to work for Goddard, and all three ended up dead.  Gamble wants Adam to work for them to bring both of them down, but he refuses.  While all this is going on, Adam’s father Frank (Richard Dreyfuss) has emphysema, and Adam is using his Goddard salary to pay his medical bills.

The things that Adam is bringing back to Wyatt are not enough, so Wyatt wants him to steal a prototype cellphone that Goddard is developing.  Adam is having second thoughts about continuing the spying and wants out.  But he is reminded of the fraud, and Meechum threatens Adam that he will kill his father, his friends, and finally him if he doesn’t get that prototype.  To show that he isn’t bluffing, Meechum has a car run over Adam’s friend Kevin, which nearly kills him.  Meechum says he has 48 hours to get the prototype, or Kevin won’t survive the next time.  The next night, Adam goes in late to the office and, using a thumbprint of Emma’s he lifted from a spoon, breaks into the secure area of the building and takes the prototype.  As he is leaving, Adam is confronted by Goddard.  He suspected that Adam was a spy, and now he has the leverage he needs to take over Wyatt’s company.  Emma later learns that Adam used her and breaks up with him, despite his protests that not everything between them was a lie.

Goddard sets up a meeting between him, Wyatt, and Adam in which Goddard will force Wyatt to sell his share of his company to him, or he will expose Adam as a corporate spy for Wyatt.  Knowing his time is running out, Adam goes to a still-recovering Kevin and the rest of his former team and they come up with a plan to bring both of them down.  At the meeting, Wyatt does indeed sign over his shares to Goddard, but then Adam gets the two men to begin talking about how each one specifically sabotaged the other.  At this time, Wyatt learns that his assistant Judith is actually a Goddard spy, and she was how Goddard learned what Wyatt was making.  However, neither Wyatt nor Goddard know that the tracking software that Adam gave Goddard can also record conversations, and Kevin had hacked his phone and is recording everything they say.  FBI Agent Gamble, who had been called in by Adam, hears the conversation, and he and other agents take the recording and arrest both Wyatt and Goddard.  Adam is also arrested for his role in the espionage, but his later cleared of all charges due to his role in bringing down Wyatt and Goddard.

Some time later, Adam has begun a start-up tech company, and he has hired Kevin and all of his friends to run it.  Adam also wants to hire a now-unemployed Emma, but she is still a little mad at him for using her.  He apologizes to her again for what he did, but he also tells her that his feelings for her are genuine.  The movie ends with Adam and Emma reconciling, and they restart their relationship after she agrees to go to work for Adam.