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H.I. (Nicholas Cage) and Ed (Holly Hunter) return Nathan Jr. to his nursery. Nathan Arizona, Sr. (Trey Wilxon) sees H.I., but does not prosecute.

Small time criminal H.I. McDonough (Nicholas Cage) gets booked so many times by police officer Edwina “Ed” (Holly Hunter) that they get married.  They are desperate for a baby, but find out Ed can not have children.  They see in the news millionaire Nathan Arizona say that his wife can barely handle their new quintuplets.  HI and Ed kidnap Nathan Jr.

H.I. has a dream where the “Lone Biker of the Apocalypse” comes after them.  The biker from his dream (Randall “Tex” Cobb) shows up as a bounty hunter to retrieve the baby.  2 of H.I.’s criminal buddies (John Goodman and William Forsyth) escape prison and come to hide out with H.I.  They think H.I. kidnapped the baby for ransom.  They steal the baby to get the money themselves.  They take the baby along on a bank robbery.

H.I. and Ed and the biker all converge on the rural bank.  The biker is beating H.I. when H.I. accidentally pulls the pin on a grenade the biker wears.  The explosion kills the biker.  After the baby was stolen from her, Ed realizes how the real parents must feel.  H.I. and Ed sneak back into the nursery and return the baby.  Nathan Arizona finds them there, but lets them go without calling the police.

The movie ends with another dream from H.I. that shows him and Ed as an old couple surrounded by children and grandchildren.