Submitted by Brenda G

Tony (John Travolta)  and Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney) win the dance contest at the disco Odyssey 2001.  Tony gives the award and prize money to a Hispanic couple who Tony believes were the better dancers and were overlooked by the judges based on race.  Humiliated and angry, Tony tries to force himself on Stephanie who leaves upset and angry.

Meanwhile, a high Annette (Donna Pescow) has agreed to have sex with all of Tony’s friends in the backseat of Bobby C’s car.  As she begins to realize she is being gang raped, she sobers up and begins to cry, begging them to stop.

Bobby C drives them to the Verrazano bridge where the gang likes to play around on the Bridget’s scaffolding.  As Tony chastises Annette for choosing to be a whore instead of a nice girl, Bobby C climbs out onto the scaffolding.  tony and the gang try to talk him down because they know he can’t handle the danger.  Bobby, overwrought by having to marry his pregnant girlfriend and feeling like his friends won’t listen to him or help, he falls off the bridge as Annette, Tony and his gang look on in horror.

Tony rides the subway all night and ends up in Manhattan at Stephanie’s apartment.  He apologizes for his behavior and asks Stephanie to be his friend as he is ready to leave his parents’ home and start out on his own.