Submitted by Curt (The Grand Poop-bah)

The woman that Jane (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee) hit with her car was a ghost, the vengeful spirit of Natre (Achita Sikamana), a girl that Tun (Ananda Everingham)  secretly dated in college, but who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a building. Tun and Jane investigate the presence of spirits in photos after Natre’s “essence” appears in many of the pictures that Tun takes. In the meantime, all three of Tun’s male friends from college also kill themselves by jumping from buildings. Natre’s ghost chases Tun through his apartment building, and he eventually falls from a fire escape ladder. He survives, and believes that the haunting is over.

Jane, unsure about the reasons for the haunting and suspecting that Tun is hiding a secret, searches his apartment for a clue. Realizing that Tun’s photos can be put into a sequence, she constructs an animated “flip book” that shows Natre’s ghost crawling through Tun’s apartment and indicating a box on a shelf. Jane looks in the box and finds the horrible truth: while in college, Tun’s friends raped Natre. Tun walked in on the rape, and rather than defend Natre, he did as his friends asked and took pictures. tis is the event that drove her to suicide.

Jane leaves Tun. Tun, despondent and guilt-ridden, walks through his apartment with a Polaroid camera, trying to find Natre’s spirit so she can kill him. He finally locates her hanging from the ceiling. He walks under the spot, and the ghost lands on his shoulders, throwing him off-balance, and causing him to fall out the window.

In the final scene, Jane visits a bruised and battered Tun in a mental hospital. As she passes through the door, a quick glimpse can be seen reflected in the window–the spirit of Natre is still clinging to Tun’s neck and shoulders.