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Remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night

In the end the Deputy Bradimore (Jaime King) is in a showdown with the evil Santa. She uses the flamethrower that he killed the sheriff with, to torch the evil Santa.

As the police station burns we see the Santa mask on the floor of the station burning, without a body attached.

We then see a man in a pick-up with a burned face looking at a photo of his family. He flashes back to a night when he was a child. A man, who is mentioned in a story earlier in the movie, is using a flamethrower to torch his wife who had cheated on him. As he finishes torching his wife the main character’s father (who was also a cop) pulls up and shoots him which ignites a bigger fire. The man burns to death. In the pick-up truck across the street his young son watches his father die. And thus creating the revenge-seeking Santa who kills half the town.

We then see the evil Santa drive off. Still alive and able to strike again.

Those who die (in the order they die):