Submitted by Naomi

After the scary black vans crash, it’s revealed they were being driven by the man, who earlier in the film had claimed to have bought the investment firm from Palmer, (the man they’ve been looking for through the whole movie) and his brothers. The man turns out to be Palmer. He lied because he had actually lost all the money in an attempt to start up a kid’s camp (the same camp whose name was on the side of the vans). He had come after Dick (James Caan) and everyone because he figured eventually Barry would find out he’d lost the money and would come back and kill him.

Barry (Peter Boyle) shows up, having hitchhiked. He hadn’t ever been kidnapped back at the laundromat. He merely had gone off to get a sandwich and everyone had already left when he came back. He is not too upset by the lack of money, being delighted at the idea of real estate the camp would have been on, and rushes over to his wife and starts telling her about all the promises of real estate.

Dick takes a look around and wonders what on earth he’s doing there, and how he ended up in the middle of nowhere. Getting fed up with Kitty’s (Sally Kellerman) craziness, and everyone else’s for that matter, he leaves everyone and just starts walking off down the road.