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When he reads from a cursed book, Foo Fighter front man Dave Grohl is possessed by a demon that wants to bring a Hellish rock song into existence. The Foo Fighters complete the song before possessed Dave Grohl kills most of the band members. Although the remaining band members tried to exorcise Grohl before they are killed off by their Satan-worshipping manager, it is unsuccessful as the finished song keeps Grohl possessed forever. The demonic Dave Grohl becomes a wildly successful solo act.

Long Ending:
The Foo Fighters (all playing themselves) are working on their 10th album. As the band lacks inspiration, their manager Shill (Jeff Garlin) hires a property manager named Barb Weems (Leslie Grossman) to find a special house for the band to record in. Weems rents a house where evil demons reside. One night, Dave Grohl follows a demonic figure to a basement structure where he finds and listens to a song by a band called Dream Widow before becoming possessed.

The now demonic Dave Grohl begins forcing the band to record a 40 minute song. He also acts erratically – eating raw meat, claiming to have invented a new musical key, and ignoring supernatural events. The band grows suspicious of their front man, but continue to record the song to near completion.

After awhile, Grohl begins murdering people, including one of the band’s guitarists. Next door neighbor Samantha (Whitney Cummings) tells the surviving band members that the house is located on a portal between Earth and Hell. She explains that many years earlier, the Dream Widow band tried to record an album in the same house while dabbling in the dark arts using a cursed book. The Dream Widow front man was possessed and killed his band while trying to record a Hellish song. The front man eventually hung himself to make sure that the song remained unfinished. The band resolves to find the book (which contains an exorcism rite) and free Grohl from his possession. However, Grohl kills Samantha and two more band members after forcing them to finish recording the song.

The remaining two band members find the cursed book and complete an exorcism ritual that ends with Grohl puking out the spirit of the Dream Widow front man. The spirits of the Dream Widow band then drags their evil front man to Hell. The trio are then attacked by Weems and Shill, who are both satan worshippers. Weems and the remaining living band members are killed in the struggle. Shill explains that with the song recorded, the possession is permanent and tells Grohl that he needs to become a solo act. The film ends by jumping forward in time to show a still-possessed Dave Grohl performing in front of a sold out crowd.

There are small roles or cameos for Jenny Ortega, Lionel Richie, Will Forte and John Carpenter.

Order of Deaths:

  1. Dream Widow Band – Although most are killed offscreen by the possessed front man, we do see the front man bash in a female band mate’s head in with a hammer (and see another dead band mate with his face split wide open). The front man then dies by suicide via hanging to stop himself from completing the hellish rock song.
  2. Foo Fighter Crew Member – A demon exposes the wires to recording equipment. When the crew member touches it, he is electrocuted and his skin melts off. Dave Grohl later hallucinates the crew member’s charred head on a BBQ grill.
  3. Delivery Guy – A hooded figure (likely Dave Grohl) chops off his head with hedge clippers. Later, the body of the delivery guy is found tied to a tree with its stomach slashed open and his guts strewn everywhere.
  4. Chris Shiflett (guitarist) – While he’s grilling, possessed Dave Grohl sneaks up and smashes his face onto the grill. He lets Shiff’s face melt off before slamming the grill hood closed on his body. Grohl later eats (and later pukes up) his band mate’s dead body.
  5. Samantha and Rami Jaffee (keyboardist) – The pair are having sex, not knowing that demonic Dave Grohl is hiding under the bed. Dave revs up a chainsaw and slices the two in half vertically from head to butt while they are mid-coitus.
  6. Taylor Hawkins (drummer) – He helps Dave Grohl finish recording the Hellish song. As “thanks,” demonic Dave slings a cymbal at him. It cuts Hawkins’ head in half (the nose up is on the top of the cymbal, while the rest of his face and body slides down a wall as it spurts blood).
  7. Pat Smear (guitarist) – He gets underneath a van to hotwire it while Weems attacks. The van starts, but Mendel accidentally revs the engine when he is injured and Smear’s head is smashed under the van tire.
  8. Nate Mendel (bassist) – He is stabbed in the eye when the van is hotwired and a spring explodes into his face. After hitting Weems with the van, he goes to check on her. She stabs Mendel through the head (in through his chin and out through the crown of his head).
  9. Barb Weems – She is hit by an out-of-control van driven by Mendel. Although she has enough strength to kill Mendel, she dies soon after from her injuries.