Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Johnny (Ernie Reyes, Jr.), Adam (Nicolas Cowan), Zatch (Ernie Reyes, Sr.), Ro-May (Kelly Hu) & Iggy (Ron Schneider) lead the Patusani villagers in an attack on Colonel Chi (Leslie Nielsen) and his army in the royal city. During the attack, Johnny and Adam’s foster father Mac (John Karlen) is freed from Colonel Chi, and Zatch reveals to the brothers that he is their uncle. Johnny confronts Colonel Chi and – with the help of Adam and his Game Gear – kills him by knocking him into a pond, which causes his mechanical body parts to electrocute him to death. 

Johnny takes his seat as the warrior prince of Patusan, with Ro-May as his princess and Adam as a prince. However, Johnny decides to abolish the monarchy and give the government to the people, establishing democracy in Patusan.

The movie ends with Johnny, Adam, Iggy, and Baba Ram (Keone Young) singing “Barbara Ann” while the Patusanis dance.