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Jackson’s (Morris Chestnut) mom and dad get re-married, and he and his dad reconciled their differences at the wedding party. Jackson meets up with and talks to Denise (Gabrielle Union) there, his girlfriend that he broke up with earlier. After talking with her and smoothing things over they kiss, agreeing to see each other again.

Derrick (D.L. Hughley) and his wife Sheila (Tamala Jones) become legally separated, but when Derrick visits her at work, they work out their differences and decide to get back together again.

Brian (Bill Bellamy) does not get involved in a relationship, but he finally becomes accepting of his friends’ relationships.

Terry (Shemar Moore) gets cold feet and calls off his engagement to Bebe (Susan Dalian), which makes her go crazy, first spraying graffiti all over his car, and then when he and Jackson visit Brian she starts shooting at him from outside his house. Jackson comes out and talks to her, and gets her to put the gun down. Terry reconciles with her. It is also here that Jackson realizes that he loves Denise.