Submitted by Mary C

It was Lena (Cate Blanchett) who killed Tully (Tobey Maguire); she was afraid he was about to figure out that her husband was still alive.  Lena is hiding her husband from both the Americans and the Russians who want him because they are collecting scientists before the other country can get to them.  Her husband wants to accuse the scientist he worked under (currently in an American safe house) of war crimes.  Lena arranges a meeting with a war crimes prosecutor but he betrays them and her husband is killed (nobody wants the accusations made against a soon to be American scientist). 

Captain Jacob (George Clooney) finally manages to get Lena the papers to get out of Berlin that she has been trying to get all along.  As he puts her on a plane he tells her that her husband’s SS title that gave her protection from the camps (she was Jewish) was not in place early enough to account for her survival.  He asks her what was in her war crimes folder.  She tells him that she betrayed 12 Jews to the Gestapo.  She kisses him goodbye and boards the plane, and he walks away.