Submitted by John L

The deaf mute John Singer (Alan Arkin) becomes a friend and confidante to many people in the town, especially young Mick (Sondra Locke), Dr. Copeland (Percy Rodrigues) and Jack Blount (Stacy Keach). All these people regard Singer as someone who understands and sympathizes with all their troubles.

None of them seem to understand that Singer has his own problems and heartaches. The one person Singer truly loves, his old friend Spiros (Chuck McCann) has been in a mental hostpital for some time. During a visit to the hospital, Singer learns that Spiros has been dead for weeks. Singer tries to turn to his “friends” for comfort and support, but they either do not understand what he needs or are too selfish to provide it. In despair, SInger commits suicide.

Mick and Dr. Copeland meet at Singer’s grave. Mick expresses deep regret at not showing Singer the kindness and sympathy he always gave her, but says Singer gave her the strength and courage to face a difficult future.