Submitted by Joseph C

Adam and Carla (Jack Campbell and Anna Lise Phillips) are trying to start a new life farming in rural Australia, with their young son and teenage daughter (Hamish Phillips and Katie Moore).  Wild dogs have killed all their sheep.  

The bank manager (Charles Mayer) comes to tell them the bank is foreclosing and they will be evicted. As the manager leaves, he is attacked and killed by the pack of dogs.

The pack surround the house and try to break in through doors and windows.  Carla calls the police.  When the police officer (Kieran Thomas McNamara) exits his car, he is killed by the dogs.  Dad kills some dogs with his rifle.  Mom makes bombs with flammable chemicals.  Mom also kills a dog that gets into the house with a kitchen knife.

Mom, Dad and the two kids survive the night.  

Just before the closing credits, we see a cave in the forest with glowing eyes, suggesting the pack may come back.