Submitted by Spectre

After the elisuve killer Claude Rains AKA The Prodigy kills everyone close to Truman Fisher (Holt Boggs) including his girl Nicki (Mirelly Taylor), Truman tracks him down but finds nothing but a family man at the motel.  Taking him anyway to the hotel where his brother was killed months before, Truman is forced to kill his boss, and his best friend is killed by the kidnapped man when it appreared he would kill Truman.  A slip of the tounge confirms the so called family man is Claude Rains and he and Truman fight. 
Truman kills Rains and Rains says he is proud (Claude Rains has started his vendetta since he thought Truman Fisher would be a good sucessor to his title.  Truman leaves the hotel but not before finding the boss nephew dead killed by Rains.  Truman goes down the elevator and the film’s ending most likely signifies that Truman will take over as the Prodigy since everything he knew and loved is now dead.