Submitted by Graham

There are alien spaceships in the clouds. The kids all get abducted, but are returned alive and well (even the dead ones). The government tries to kill them, but they have superpowers now thanks to alien experiments.

Longer Version:
Some astronauts on a mission in orbit have an encounter with something mysterious. We cut to years later; five teens, Brendan (RJ Mitte), Charlie (Jedidiah Goodacre), Annie (Laura Bilgeri), Rob (Niko Pepaj), and Kara (Hanna Rose), head to a cabin in the woods for a vacation. On the way they have a run-in with Wesley Snipes, one of the Astronauts from the opening sequence, known in the credits as “The Hunter”. He is living off the grid in the woods, and seems a little paranoid and generally unhinged. Later they discover an apparently abandoned cabin nearby and narrowly escape another encounter with him when it turns out to be his.

As this is happening, strange cloud formations appear all over the world, including one near their cabin. UFOs begin coming out of the clouds and abducting people. The teens have an encounter with an alien device and with an alien creature. In trying to escape a fight breaks out, and Kara is accidentally shot by Rob. Rob and Charlie then get into a fight, with ends when the UFO abducts Rob.

Brendan is wounded by a bear trap, one of many traps “The Hunter” has spread around the place. An Alien falls into one of his traps and he kills it before freeing Brendan. He takes them to his cabin and explains; he was abducted during his NASA mission and returned to Earth shortly afterwards with no memory of what happened. He gradually started getting his memory back, but when he told his story he was disbelieved and hounded out of NASA. He has been preparing for the aliens to return ever since. Most strangely, he realised a couple of years ago that he had the power to move objects with his mind.

Ultimately all of the kids are abducted and experimented on in the UFO before being returned, all bearing a strange tattoo/scar pattern and with Kara back alive. News reports indicate that worldwide some 50,000 people have been similarly abducted and returned.

Heading back to civilisation, the teens are stopped by law enforcement and military officers who realise they are returnees and immediately start shooting – apparently the government is doing this to all the returnees. The kids demonstrate superhuman powers of their own and murder the cops. The alien storm clouds begin to re-appear as the kids watch.