Submitted by John L

Larry (Colm Meaney) and his best friend “Bimbo” (Donal O’Kelly) are unemployed blue-collar Irishmen living in Dublin. Bimbo buys an old van and turns it into a mobile restaurant selling fish and chips on the streets. Bimbo hires Larry to help him, and for a time, they have a great time together. Their business brings in money and gives them a new sense of pride and purpose.

Gradually, however, the business divides them. Bimbo owns the business, and starts acting bossy, while Larry becomes envious and resentful.

An officer from the Ministry of Health inspects the van and finds numerous hygiene and sanitaton problems. If Bimbo cannot afford to pay for major upgrades, he will have to shut down the business. Bimbo suspects that Larry called the health inspector, and they get into a huge fight.

In the end, Bimbo and Larry make up, deciding their friendship is more important than the business. Together, they drive the van into the ocean.