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Crystal (Joan Crawford) loses everything and is resigned to going back to working the perfume counter. Mary (Norma Shearer) is reconciled with her beloved Stephen.

Longer version:
Mary (Norma Shearer) skips out on a party all the girls were going to, but changes her mind after hearing from her daughter that her ex-husband Stephen is still in love with her and is only staying with Crystal (Joan Crawford) out of a sense of duty (and a resignation that Mary could never trust him again). At the party she tricks Sylvia (Rosalind Russell) into revealing that Crystal is cheating on Stephen with the former Countess de Lave’s husband within hearing distance of the gossip columnist, who promptly reveals this news to the entire party.

Crystal is outraged but is forced to concede that she has lost Stephen. As a final hurrah she says Mary can have him because the Countess’ husband is far richer than Stephen would ever be anyway, what with his cushy radio job and all. It is then that the Countess reveals that she is the one who gave her soon-to-be-ex-husband his radio job, because she purchased the radio station after he found it impossible to get a break in the business. So her husband is actually rather penniless.

Crystal is resigned to going back to working the perfume counter, and Mary heads back out into the party to reconcile with Stephen.