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Woody, Buzz, and all their friends have been spending the last two years with Bonnie. As she starts kindergarten, Woody helps her make a new toy from a spork, which she names Forky, and he comes to life. Although Woody tries to convince Forky that he is Bonnie’s new favorite toy, he thinks he is trash and tries to throw himself out. During a family trip, Forky jumps out of the RV, and Woody goes after him.

On their way back to the RV, Woody thinks he sees his long lost love Bo Peep in an antique shop, but he is instead found by a doll named Gabby Gabby, who wants Woody’s voice box since hers is broken, and no kid will play with her as a result. Forky is taken by Gabby’s dummies, while Woody reunites with Bo, who has become an adventurous toy that helps other lost toys find kids who will play with them instead of being confined to one kid. Woody convinces Bo and her tiny friend Giggle McDimples to help get Forky back, and they are helped by Buzz, plus plush dolls Duck and Bunny, as well as Canadian stuntman toy Duke Caboom.

While trying to rescue Forky, Woody ends up giving Gabby his voice box in exchange for him. However, the girl that Gabby wanted to adopt her ends up rejecting her, leaving Gabby feeling sad. Woody convinces her to go back to Bonnie with him and the others, leading the main toy gang and Woody’s new friends to help get back to Bonnie’s family’s RV. On the way, they see a little girl lost at the amusement park, and Woody tells Gabby to go with her. The girl finds Gabby and takes her home.

The toys reach the RV, but as Woody starts to go back, Buzz realizes that he wants to stay with Bo. Woody says goodbye to his friends and stays with Bo, helping her get other toys to new kids. Meanwhile, Forky accepts his position as Bonnie’s toy and joins the gang.