Submitted by Moore

Beaumont, a plantation owner in Haiti, is smitten with a pretty newlywed. He employs sorcerer “Murder” Legendre (Bela Lugosi) to zombify her for him. The girl is secretly drugged to appear dead.

Legendre’s zombies — not at all undead, just his enslaved enemies — steal her paralyzed body from the crypt. Her distraught husband and a wise local preacher head to Legendre’s castle to save her.

It is revealed that Legendre has claimed the girl for himself by slowly zombifying Beaumont as well.

At the climax, Legendre’s zombies are about to drive the hapless husband over the cliff when the preacher succeeds in knocking Legendre out cold. His mental control broken, the zombies mindlessly fall to their doom. The almost completely zombified but guilt-racked Beaumont grabs Legendre from behind and they, too, fall to their deaths. The girl is freed and the happy couple are reunited.