Submitted by James T

Wolf Creek

Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) is a serial killer who kidnaps, tortures then murders tourists who go to the Wolf Creek meteorite crater in the Australian outback. After being kidnapped, Liz (Cassandra Macgrath) helps Kristy (Kestie Morassi) escape from the campsite as Mick tortures her and attempts to rape her. They steal his truck and send it off the edge of a cliff. As he goes down to check for their bodies, Liz returns to the campsite to find Ben (Nathan Phillips). As Liz tries to steal another of his past victim’s cars, Mick appears in the backseat and skewers her with his hunting knife. He then slices off some of her fingers before gruesomely severing her spine. Kristy manages to get to the road and flags down a kindly old man in a car. Mick blows his brains out from a distance with his rifle. Kristy gets in the old man’s car and speeds away, but Mick shoots out one of the tyres and the car flips over. He executes Kristy with his rifle at close range, before throwing her body in the car and burning it. This whole time, Ben (Nathan Phillips) has had his wrists nailed to the wall of a cave. He pulls himself off the nails and staggers off into the desert where he is found by some tourists. A title card at the end reveals Liz and Kristy were never seen again. Ben was under suspicion for their disappearances but was released. Because of lack of credible evidence and confusion over locations and times, the case was never solved.