Submitted by Julio M

Toninho (Murilo Benicio) desists on trying to win Isabela’s (Penelope Cruz’s) affection back, and decides to go back to Bahia.  Nonetheless, at the same time, Isabella couldn’t continue hating him and made an offering to goddess Jemanja to undo the non-love spell; apparently with no luck.

Before leaving, Toninho passes by the channel station to see Isabella one last time and say good-bye (she had quit the cooking show gig), and then they get into preparing a dish together.  They do, and while tasting it together, the spell gets finally broken; they reconcile, and go back to Bahia together.

Oh, and by the way, Cliff (Mark Feuerstein) and transvestite Monica (Harold Perrineau Jr.) also hook up, and join Isabella and Toninho in Bahia.