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Brooke is reunited with Barry and fully harnesses her zombie powers (including the abilities to control other zombies and come back from the dead). The siblings begin attacking other military convoys to rescue other test subjects.

Long Ending:
Benny (Leon Burchill) goes camping with his two brothers in the Australian Outback and they see a bunch of shooting stars. The next morning, Benny awakens to find one of his now-zombified brothers eating his other brother. Benny shoots the zombie brother in the leg and flees.

Zombies begin manifesting throughout Australia. Barry (Jay Gallagher) is forced to kill his wife and daughter after they turn into zombies. Meanwhile, Barry’s sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey) is captured by soldiers after surviving a zombie attack. Barry, barely hanging on to his sanity, ends up meeting Benny. The pair decide to go search for Brooke.

Brooke is brought to a government laboratory where the Doctor (Berynn Schwerdt) is running experiments. He injects zombie blood into his hostages, including Brooke. After five injections, he kills the subjects and harvests their brain matter for further research.

Benny and Barry eventually befriend Kel and Frankie, who are hiding from the zombies in a large garage. The heroes discover that the zombie plague has also somehow rendered all flammable liquids inflammable. They soon learn, however, that during the daytime, the zombies emit a combustible and highly flammable gas from their orifices. After Kel is bitten and turned into a zombie, the trio build a contraption that allows the gas Kel emits to power their vehicle. The three set out to find Brooke. Frankie hypothesizes that the zombie plague is the result of the rapture and that the shooting star Benny saw at the beginning was the wormwood star that is prophesied to bring about the end of days in the Bible. Frankie is eventually bitten by a zombie on the journey, and Barry mercy kills him.

Barry and Benny end up meeting a group of soldiers driving a large electric-powered truck. They are the same soldiers that earlier captured Brooke. The heroes learn from the soldiers that anyone with A Negative blood is immune from the zombie plague (but can still be turned if they are bitten). The soldiers convince the pair to follow them to where they claim Brooke is staying (but actually intend to make the pair the Doctor’s new test subjects). At the same time, Brooke realizes she has developed supernatural powers allowing her to control zombies. She uses the powers to have the zombies in the lab attack the Doctor and free her from her bonds. Brooke opens the door of the lab…. to find that the lab is contained inside the truck the soldiers are driving and that Barry is following. Barry and Benny help Brooke escape from the soldiers, though Benny is shot in the process.

The soldiers eventually catch up to the escapees and a firefight ensues. Benny is eventually killed and Brooke is seemingly killed after the Captain (Luke McKenzie) shoots her in the chest. The Captain and Barry fight, with the Captain getting the upper hand. The Captain rants and raves, claiming that Barry is preventing them from getting the zombie apocalypse under control. Just before the Captain goes in for the kill, Barry realizes that the Captain’s head is covered in zombie blood. He throws a match at the Captain’s face, which lights the flammable bloon on fire. Brooke resurrects herself using her supernatural powers and then commands a number of nearby zombies to devour the scarred Captain.

The film ends with Brooke and Barry intercepting a military truck. The soldiers refuse to release their prisoners, so Brooke commands a horde of zombies to eat them.

Order of Deaths:

  1. Mulla (Benny’s Brother) – Barry awakens the day of the zombie apocalypse to find their third brother eating Mulla.
  2. Charlie (Brooke’s friend) – She turns into a zombie and attacks Brooke and a third friend. Brooke manages to restrain the zombified Charlie by sticking a hook through Charlie’s back. Charlie is later killed when the military arrives and shoots her in her head.
  3. Brooke’s other friend – She has her throat ripped out by a zombified Charlie. After the friend comes back as a zombie, Brooke lops her head off with a shovel.
  4. Barry’s wife and daughter – Both of them are turned into zombies by the plague. Barry shoots both of them in the head with a nailgun, driving him to the brink of suicide.
  5. Various patients of the Doctor – After the Doctor collects enough data from his unwilling test subjects, he jams a drill up their nose, drills their brains, and collects the resulting brain mush for further study
  6. Chalker – He finds Barry wandering the streets and gives him a ride. Chalker’s head is blasted off by Benny when Benny mistakes him for a zombie when they cross paths in the woods.
  7. Kel – While fighting zombies off in order to retrieve a vehicle, a zombie manages to bite Kel’s nose off. After he turns into a zombie, Barry, Benny, and Frankie (his best friend) use the flammable gas he produces to power their car. After Frankie dies, Barry shoots the zombified Kel in the head so that they can die together.
  8. Frankie – During a zombie attack, a zombie bites off half of Frankie’s hand. A tearful Frankie begs Barry to kill him so that he can die a human. Barry obliges and shoots Frankie dead.
  9. The Doctor – Brooke uses her supernatural powers to force a zombie to bite the Doctor. After the Doctor turns into a zombie, Brooke commands him to free her and then shoots him in the face.
  10. Benny – He is severely wounded by a soldier before they capture him, Barry, and Brooke. Realizing he’s dying anyways, he lets a zombie bite him so that Brooke can control him and effectuate their escape. The Captain eventually shoots him in the head.
  11. Soldiers – After Benny is zombified, Brooke controls him to cut off his hand to escape his restraints, grab a gun, and shoot two of the soldiers before the Captain puts Benny down.
  12. The Captain – Not knowing that zombie blood is flammable, the Captain laughs when Barry lights some matches during their fight. He soon starts screaming after Barry ignites his zombie-blood-covered face. After the Captain’s face is melted off, Brooke commands nearby zombies to eat him alive.
  13. Random soldiers – After they refuse to release their prisoners, Brooke has them attacked by a whole horde of zombies. The zombies gleefully eat the soldiers.
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