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Short pooper:
Over the persistent embarrassment and disapproval of their respective families to their relationship and intentions to marry, Ezra (Jonah Hill) and Amira (Lauren London) cancel the wedding and break up. Later, Ezra makes a statement, via his podcast, about the reluctance of black and white people to understand and get along with each other; Shelly (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Akbar (Eddie Murphy) catch wind of it and, deciding to atone for their respective callous attitudes that caused the collapse of their children’s relationship, bring them separately to a certain venue, to make up with them and apologize. It turns out to be a setup to have them get married, which they do, with a rabbi and imam officiating it.

Longer version:
Akbar (Amira’s hardcore black Muslim father) and Shelly (Ezra’s overbearing white Jewish mother) find a way to constantly sabotage Ezra and Amira’s efforts for their respective families to understand, respect, and get along with each other, in hopes of successfully getting married.

Matters come to a head when the marrying couple decides to have their separate bachelor/bachelorette parties. Ezra and his friends go to Las Vegas and Akbar unexpectedly joins them; not wanting to feel hounded by Akbar’s consistent disapproval, he refrains from the most hardcore part of the festivities, which included cavorting with strippers, but to no avail, since his own friends loudly remind him of all the previous times he acted obnoxiously. Meanwhile, for her bachelorette, Amira sees Shelley and Liza (Molly Gordon) tag along; things get out of control when Shelly ends up making a crude racist remark and unwillingly ripping off a wig from one of the partying girls.

It is, however, not until the rehearsal dinner that both Ezra and Amira confront, respectively, Akbar and Shelly in private about their reprehensible behaviors all this time. When both parents make it clear they do not approve of this marriage happening, the couple dejectedly decides to call it quits and cancel the wedding.

The plot forwards to 3 months later. Ezra takes the opportunity to give a deep speech on his podcast he conducted with his friend Mo (Sam Jay), in which he wholeheartedly makes the valid point that no matter anyone’s best intentions, it seems black and white people will never be able to truly make the effort to understand each other. This catches the attention of Akbar and Shelly and, realizing the damage they caused, they decide to join and set up a plan to repair it. They bring their kids to this store in what seems to be a “spending-time-together” activity and, separately, apologize and make amends for their actions, for which their children forgive them.

As they enter, though, it turns out they had pulled the strings and contacted everyone dear to Ezra and Amira to have them get married, then and there. Ezra and Amira finally have their wedding -with a rabbi and an imam present, both as officiators- and everyone, in the end, has a big celebratory bash.

01 hours 57 minutes