Submitted by Ann-Marie 'crappy' F

Jack Shepard / Captain Zoom (Tim Allen) regain his powers when he’s given a reason to use them (Princess was going to get hit).  Connor Shepard / Concussion (Kevin Zegers) gets turned from bad guy to good when Dr. Grant’s (Chevy Chase) original plan of closing the vortex works.

Dylan West / Houdini (Michael Cassidy), Summer Jones / Wonder (Kate Mara), Tucker Willams / Mega-Boy (Spencer Breslin), Cindy Collins / Princess (Ryan Newman), and Marsha Holloway (Courteney Cox) [who has super rainbow breath] form the new Zenith team with Captain Zoom and Concussion.

They get to go back to their parents and regular life. When needed, they have signal pagers and go fight crime.