Submitted by Dwayne

In the national spelling bee, Charlie Brown mispells the word “Beagle” much to the dismay of the rest of the gang watching at home. Despite placing second, he returns home disappointed along with Linus and Snoopy. No one is there to welcome them back. The trio go their separate ways home.

Charlie Brown doesn’t come to school the next day. Linus comes to visit him and tells him that everyone was worried about him and that their baseball team finally won their first game. Linus tells Charlie Brown that even though he let everyone down, “the world didn’t come to an end”.

Realizing that Linus is right and that he has his whole life to be a winner, Charlie Brown goes out for a walk. He comes across Lucy with a football and tries to kick it out of her grasp, but she pulls it away, sending him flying. Lucy says, “welcome home Charlie Brown”.

Interestingly, the ending credits feature pictures of everyone who made the movie.