Submitted by Julio M

Jackson (Bradley Cooper), despite deeply loving Ally (Lady Gaga), starts to resent her ascending stardom while his personal demons are dragging his own career to Hell. They have a bitter fight where he insults her for the direction she is taking as a singer, which has landed her Grammy nominations. Later, when she does win one of the awards, he comes up to the stage with her, drunkenly pisses himself and faints. Both Ally and her father Lorenzo (Andrew Dice Clay) make him get into rehab, which he does.

Later, he recovers, makes up with Ally and they both go home together. When Ally decides to cancel her Europe tour to stay with Jackson over a disagreement with her manager Rez (Rafi Gavron), he coldly confronts Jackson and tells him that he’ll eventually end up destroying Ally as well. Jackson promises to come see Ally later at her concert but, instead, despondent over the idea of being a damaging force in Ally’s life and career, overdoses on pills, leaves the dog outside the house and hangs himself in the garage.

While she is grieving over this tragedy, Jackson’s older brother Bobby (Sam Elliott) comes for visiting and comfort and reassures her about Jackson committing suicide “not her fault, but solely his” -he had already tried it once in the past, as a teenager, after the death of his father-. In the final sequence, at a tribute concert, she introduces herself to the audience as Ally Maine and gives a heartbreaking rendition of an unknown song by Jackson, called “I’ll Never Love Again”.