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Victoria (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) eventually gains the courage to tell her family the truth; that Paul (Keanu Reeves) is not her husband, and she is pregnant by another man. Paul goes back to San Fransisco, and finds a man with his wife. She tells him she wants an annulment, and already has the papers ready for him to sign. Paul agrees and signs, and then promptly heads back to Victoria’s family vineyards.

He finds her father, Alberto (Giancarlo Giannini), and tells him that he is no longer married and wants to marry Victoria because he loves her. However, Alberto is drunk and upset, and when he tries to fight Paul, he accidentally sets some of the grape vines on fire. The family and Paul try to stop the flames, but it spreads too quickly, and all they can do is watch the entire vineyard go up in flames.

All seems destroyed, but Paul remembers the ancient grape plant that Victoria’s grandfather showed him earlier. He digs it up and shows it to Alberto, who sees that it is still alive, so they will be able to re-grow the vines and start over. Everyone is hopeful now. Alberto gives his approval to Paul to marry Victoria. Paul finally has a loving family.