Submitted by Evil Ed

However, our heroes (Abbott and Costello), along with two escaped cons, wind up on Venus!

There are only women on Venus and Queen Allura (Mari Blanchard) falls in love with Orville (Costello), naturally.

The cons are jailed. Mugsy (Horace Mcmahon) the con gets one of his guards to come on to Orville. Orville can’t help but be aroused.

Queen Allura gets jealous and tells all of the men to leave.

The four intrepid travelers return to Earth, and during the ensuing parade, Queen Allura is watching from Venus. A cake falls on Orville’s head from a spaceship that she sends.

A lesser effort with a few amusing moments as their out-of-control rocket ship goes through the Lincoln Tunnel, and causes the Statue of Liberty to do a deep-knee bend to avoid getting smashed into.

01 hours 17 minutes