Submitted by Jeremy

Six criminals – given the code names Joey (former army medic and single mother), Frank (former cop), Sammy (rich hacker), Dean (getaway driver), Peter (former enforcer for Quebec mafia), and Rickles (sniper) – kidnap Abigail (Alisha Weir), the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a wealthy criminal figure. Their boss, Lambert, leaves them alone for the night with the task of protecting Abigail until they get their money. Soon, Dean is killed and has his head ripped from his body. The group learns that Abigail’s father is Kristof Lazar, a very feared crime boss who supposedly has an extremely violent hitman that killed Frank’s former fellow police officers. Rickles is also mauled to death while trying to escape.

The group quickly finds out that Abigail is a vampire. When their attempts to subdue her fail, Joey manages to tranquilize Abigail, but not before she bites Sammy. After Abigail wakes up, she reveals she knows the group’s whole backstories and that there was never any money involved since Lambert works for her and Lazar, and they are just there to be fed to Abigail. She escapes the cage they locked her in, and she begins to control Sammy once she turns into a vampire. Sammy kills Peter, and Joey kills Sammy by reflecting sunlight onto her, causing her to explode.

Since the group was sealed inside by the security system, Joey and Frank try to find a way to deactivate them, but they find Lambert in the control room and see he is also a vampire. He hates working for Lazar and offers Frank a chance to be turned into a vampire so they can kill Lazar and Abigail. Frank agrees and gets turned, only for him to kill Lambert right away and try to kill Abigail and turn Joey into a vampire as well. He bites her, but she and Abigail work together to stake Frank and kill him.

Before Joey can leave, Lazar arrives (and he is heavily implied to be Dracula). Abigail tells her father that Joey helped protect her, so they allow her to leave so Joey can be reunited with her son.

01 hours 30 minutes