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Eve breaks up with Adam after he admits to her that he had cheated on her with Patty, a girl who was attracted to him that he woke up next to the morning after an episode of drunkenness. However, weeks later, Patty – having heard about how badly Adam had been taking the breakup – confesses to him that they didn’t have sex. She says that as drunk as he was, he still wouldn’t stray on Eve when she tried to put the moves on him, so she got mad and set him up to make it look like they did do the dirty deed. He tells her that it doesn’t matter because he messed up; how he messed up wasn’t important.

Eve eventually chats with her father about it all, and he points out to her that every relationship has its problems and how you deal with them is what makes or breaks it, and he says that Adam really does seem to care about her and that he did something right by telling her that he had cheated on her before they had slept together for the first time.

After some thought, Eve decides to forgive Adam, and she visits him in his room at the frat house and tells him as much. They affirm their love for one another and finally have sex.

After Eve (Emmanuelle Chriqui) refuses to have sex with Adam (Cameron Douglas) yet again on Valentine’s Day, his frustrations over her repeated refusals reach an all-time high, so he goes to a bar and gets drunk. While there, Patty (Courtney Peldon) – a girl who had earlier expressed interest in copulating with him – comes up to him and starts putting the moves on him. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in his bedroom back at the frat house with her lying next to him. She tells him that they did do the dirty deed, and promises not to say anything to anyone. Later on, Adam experiences a painful bout of urination and believes that this means that he has caught an STD from her.

A few nights later, Adam returns to the frat house from a visit to the doctor’s office and finds Eve on his bed in her bra and panties, and she tells him that she is ready to sleep with him now. She admits that a fear of intimacy and feelings – being open to someone you trust and care about on a deep level – was what has been keeping her from having sex with him until now. Adam stops her before she starts by admitting that he is having a problem with his penis but is visibly conflicted over whether to tell her the reason why or not. She manages to get him to confess that he slept with Patty, and she leaves heartbroken and in tears.

Adam calls Eve multiple times in the days that follow but gets no replies, and though she is angry at him, she finds that her life is miserable without him. Adam eventually gets a call from the doctor’s office and learns that all he had was a urinary tract infection. Sometime later, after attending a campus job fair with his frat buddies and finding a Plan B for his life, Adam is approached by Patty. She tells Adam that she has heard about how depressed he is over his split with Eve, so she has come to confess that they didn’t have sex that night. She says that, despite being intoxicated, he still wouldn’t stray on Eve, so she got mad and set him up to make it look like they had sex. Adam tells her that it doesn’t matter because he messed up; how he messed up wasn’t important.

As Eve is having lunch with her father (George Dzundza), she tells him that she just wanted everything to be perfect between her and Adam, but her father informs her that no relationship is perfect, and reveals to her that her mother cheated on him once before they were married, but they both dealt with it and overcame it. He tells Eve that every relationship has its problems; how you deal with those problems is what makes it or breaks it. He says that Adam really seems to care about her, and points out that most guys would’ve slept with her first and then told her that they cheated on her, or worse, not have told her at all. He advises her to let the situation simmer in her head for a while, then make a decision and don’t look back.

Later on, Eve drives over to the frat house and finds Adam in his room. She tells him that a part of her wants to never see him again, but the other part – the stronger part – wants him to hold her and tell her he loves her. Adam kneels before her and says he loves her and needs her, and she says the same thing, and they hug. The two of them then finally have sex.

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