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After Blake (Scott Cameron) gets a clean sweep victory over Tyler (Jesse Phillips) in an air hockey game at the bowling alley (despite Tyler having read a complete book on the game that the arcade coin collector [Robert Maciag], a former air hockey champion, had given him), Tyler heads to the Falcon’s Nest bar with Hank (Kristian Bruun) to mope. While there, Blake, Garth (James Hartnett), and Goalie (Denis German) come up to them, and Blake gloats about his easy win before telling them that he can’t wait to see them on the street, because his father – the president and CEO of the corporation that bought the apartment building they live in – plans to evict them over their failure to pay the $5,000 they owe in rent. Tyler soon issues a challenge to Blake and his buddies where, in two weeks’ time, they will return to the bowling alley and play some more air hockey, but in a best-of-three games series with two teams of three players each under official air hockey rules. Blake accepts the challenge, and both sides also make a bet: If Tyler and Hank lose, they will pay Blake $5,000 and not come back to the Falcon’s Nest anymore, but if Tyler and Hank win, then Blake and company cannot come back to the Falcon’s Nest or the bowling alley ever again, and Blake’s father must also let them stay in their apartment for two more years rent-free.

After Blake and his boys walk away, the Waitress (Beth Conacher) – having overheard the whole deal – refers the duo to Sony (Frank Wang), a Japanese foreign exchange student who frequents the bar and is a master of air hockey. When they meet with him, Sony agrees to train them so long as they help him get some action with the ladies. The duo gain valuable knowledge of the game and get in better physical condition through Sony’s teachings, and they satisfy Sony’s cravings for female attention by having him pose as a masseur/manicurist/pedicurist so he can freely touch their bodies (plus they charge the women for these services so they can get money for training).

One night, Tyler finds a message on his answering machine from Sony saying that he is in jail, so he calls the police and learns that Sony was arrested for lewd behavior after “assaulting” a woman in a lingerie store by trying to massage her while claiming that he was an actual masseur. His bail has been set at $500, but Tyler and Hank don’t have the cash and decide to finish their training without him, though they worry that they might have to forfeit the match against Blake and his crew since Sony cannot be their third man. Come game time, the coin collector – who made a deal with Tyler to serve as the referee in exchange for Tyler filling the room with female spectators – tells Tyler and Hank that they do need a third teammate or else be forced to forfeit, so the Waitress, originally a spectator, decides to fill that position.

Tyler, Hank, and the Waitress win the series 2-1, with Tyler defeating Blake in the deciding game, but Tyler notices that his hand crossed the center line when he made his winning goal. He admits this to the coin collector, who tells him that his team must forfeit because of it. Blake, Garth, and Goalie are awarded the victory, and they rub it in Hank’s and Tyler’s faces, which disgusts Blake’s girlfriend Heather (Cheryl Anne Meyer) since she and Tyler had been nurturing a growing mutual attraction to each other over their shared love of geology. Just then, Sony comes into the place dressed to the nines, and he explains to Tyler and Hank that he got bailed out thanks to some new friends with money (and with benefits) that he made during their faux spa treatment operation, and he thanks the guys for their help in him getting these new friends. He says that he further honed his massaging skills while he was in jail, and once he got out, he quickly made a fortune through providing professional-level massages to others. Blake interjects and orders Tyler and Hank to get lost and shows no concern or sympathy over them now facing certain homelessness and owing $10,000 in total, causing Heather to finally ditch him and go straight to Tyler. Sony then presents Blake with the $5,000 owed to him and says that he paid their rent, and then shows him a piece of paper stating that he has purchased the Falcon’s Nest as well, so Tyler and Hank are free to continue hanging out there. Tyler and Heather then share a kiss.

When Hank and the Waitress get back to the apartment later on, they find a white sock on the doorknob, indicating that Tyler and Heather are getting frisky in there, so they listen in through the door. Once Tyler and Heather finish, Hank and the Waitress begin to get frisky themselves in the hallway.

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