Submitted by Rori

Jafar finally gets his hands on Aladdin’s lamp and the Genie unwillingly grants him first his wish to become Sultan, second to be the world’s most powerful sorcerer.

Having taken over Agrabah, he unmasks “Prince Ali” as Aladdin before Princess Jasmine and exiles the boy to the ends of the Earth. However, his faithful Magic Carpet follows and takes him back to confront Jafar. Aladdin finally defeats him by tricking him into using his last wish to become a genie. This makes Jafar even more powerful – but imprisons him *and* his parrot Iago in a new lamp.

Aladdin uses his own last wish to fulfil his promise to set the Genie free of his lamp – rather than become a prince again though it means he can’t marry Jasmine.

As it turns out, the Sultan is understanding of both the lovers’ devotion and Aladdin’s heroics, so he changes the royal law to allow them to wed. The Genie heads out to see the world.