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Alice is chased by the Queen of Hearts, who wants to chop off her head. She reaches the door she used to enter Wonderland and, through the keyhole, sees herself sleeping in the real world. Alice then wakes up, realizing that her journey in Wonderland was all a dream. Alice and her sister return to their house for some tea.

Long Ending:
Alice (voiced by Kathryn Beaumont) is a young girl who is bored with her stuffy life. While spending a summer day outside with her sister, who continually pressures Alice to focus on her studies, Alice wishes that her life was filled with more adventure and nonsense. At that moment, she sees a white rabbit with a large stopwatch running at full speed because he is “late.” She follows the white rabbit into his hole where she finds a room with a tiny door. After shrinking herself down, she ends up going through the door’s keyhole and enters the crazy world of Wonderland.

While in Wonderland, Alice continues to try and catch up with the white rabbit and has many adventures along the way, including:

Eventually, Alice follows the White Rabbit to Wonderland’s palace, where she meets the King and Queen of Hearts, who command an army of playing cards. After the cheshire cat embarrasses the Queen while invisible, Alice is put on trial for causing the embarrassment. Ultimately, the Queen declares Alice’s judgment, yelling “off with her head.”  Alice flees the courtroom and runs to the doorway through which she entered Wonderland, with the rest of the kingdom hot on her heels.

Alice looks through the keyhole and sees herself sleeping in the real world. She yells at herself to wake up… and she does. Alice realizes that her adventure was all a dream and that a nonsensical world like Wonderland isn’t as fun as she had imagined. Alice and her sister return to their house to share some tea.

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