Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Charlie and Itchy find out that Red is actually Satan. Charlie frightfully agrees to find Gabriel’s Horn for Red, in exchange for another collar to make him corporeal so he could make good on his promise to take David home to his parents. Charlie and Itchy find David at the train station being kidnapped by Carface and escaping on a train. He tells Charlie to bring the Horn to Alcatraz in one hour or David will die.

Charlie arrives there to find Red and Carface there, and he hands Red the Horn. Red uses it to imprison all of the angel-dogs in Heaven in Alcatraz. Charlie gets David to a boat where Sasha and Itchy are waiting, but when he sees what Red is doing, he remembers his obligation to return the Horn back to Heaven, so he goes back to fight Red. With some help from his friends, Charlie eventually gets a hold of the Horn and blows it, returning the angel-dogs back to Heaven and sending Red back to Hell. Carface is sent there as well, since he unwittingly promised Red his soul in exchange for his own corporeal collar (he thought Red meant “sole”, the bottom of a shoe).

Charlie and Itchy return to Heaven soon after, but before he goes, Charlie has David agree to let Sasha take him home, and he and Sasha profess their love for one another. Annabelle meets Charlie and Itchy midway through their ascent and gives Charlie another chance at life as a reward for his efforts. Charlie bids Itchy farewell, since Itchy wants to remain in Heaven, and he is sent back to Earth. He meets up with Sasha and David just as the latter has returned home to his overjoyed parents. Charlie and Sasha kiss, and they accept David’s invitation to live with him and his family.