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Omer (Sam Golzari) gets into the finals with Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore) and he is expected to blow up the starring President (Dennis Quaid) when he meets him. Omer can’t go through with it and drops the explosives in the bathroom trash. Sally Kendoo has sex with Hugh Grant’s character in her dressing room and her boyfriend Willy Williams (Chris Klein) sees it through a keyhole. When he’s supposed to make a scripted proposal, Willy confronts Sally live on TV about her affair and threatens to blow himself up with the bomb he found in the bathroom while crying about Sally. Omer tries to talk him down but Willy is determined and hysterically breaks into song as the building evacuates. The only ones left are Willy and Hugh Grant – who feels Willy’s performance must be captured on camera so he mans a camera and moves closer. At the end of the song Hugh Grant moves so close that he bumps into the button and detonates Willy and himself.

Six months later the President has appointed his wife as his new chief of staff, Omer tours around the country doing showtunes with his cousin as his director/manager, the terrorists go to jail after omer fingers them in the ensueing chaos, and Sally takes over for recently deceased Hugh Grant as host of American Dreamz.