Submitted by John L

Irving (Christian Bale) and Edie (Amy Adams), whose real name is Sydney Presser, help rogue FBI agent Richie Di Maso (Bradley Cooper) to entrap several Congressmen, a U.S. Senator, and Camden, New Jersey mayor Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) into taking bribes from a man they believe is a rich Arab sheikh who wants to invest heavily in New Jersey casinos. Richie is ecstatic, thinking he’s pulled off a successful sting that will lead to big promotions for him. Irving, however, is heartbroken, because he likes Mayor Polito, who is shown as a decent, idealistic, honest man.

However, Irving doublecrossed Richie – he got a friend to pose as a Mafia lawyer, and tricked Richie into wiring $2 million to the wrong account. Irving tells Richie’s FBI superiors that he will return the money, but only if he and Edie are cleared of all wrongdoing and Mayor Polito is dealt with leniently. Richie’s FBI superiors agree, and let Irving and Edie go free. But they are furious that Richie lost their money, so they make sure he gets no credit for his role in the arrests of the Congressmen.

Richie’s wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) divorces him, and takes up with mobster Pete Musane. Irving and Edie move in together, start their own legitimate art gallery, and share custody of his son with Rosalyn.¬†