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In an isolated mountain home near Grenoble, Samuel Maleski (Samuel Theis) falls to his death from the third story window of his house. His wife, novelist Sandra Voyter (Sandra Hüller), is put on trial for potentially having murdered him, after blood spatter is found on the shed next to where Samuel fell, and a recording he made of him and Sandra arguing is discovered. The trial also weighs on Sandra and Samuel’s son, Daniel (Milo Machado Graner), who was left visually impaired after an accident as a child, which Sandra resented Samuel for.

The prosecution team tries to argue that Sandra and Samuel argued over Samuel’s jealousy since Sandra had earlier had an affair with another woman, and Sandra struck Samuel over the head before he fell to his death. The recording also seems to suggest that Sandra was violent and attacked Samuel, but she states that he had hit himself.

Daniel later gives his own testimony after doing an experiment where he gave his dog Snoop a near-lethal dose of aspirin since the dog experienced a similar reaction after ingesting Samuel’s vomit following what was an apparent suicide attempt by overdose.

Sandra is acquitted, though she admits she will need time before finally feeling relieved. She also seems to be rebuilding her relationship with Daniel.

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