Submitted by Joseph C

In victorian England, Catherine marries Sir Charles Fengriffin and goes to live in his ancestral manor.  On the night of their wedding, Catherine is raped by a ghost.  She begins to have visions of a crawling bloody hand.  She is haunted by the frightening painting of Henry Fengriffin, Charles’s grandfather.  She is also scared of Silas, a woodcutter with a big red birthmark covering half his face, who lives on the estate.  There is mention of a dark secret.  Whenever anyone tries to tell Catherine the secret, or take her away from the estate, that person dies.

Charles summons Dr Pope (Peter Cushing).  Through Pope’s investigation, we learn that Henry Fengriffin was an evil tyrant.  Silas the woodcutter had a grandfather, with the same birthmark, who was Henry’s servant.  On the night of the grandfather’s wedding, Henry had his men hold the grandfather down and force him to watch Henry rape his bride.  When the grandfather attacked Henry, Henry cut off his right hand with an axe (hence the bloody hand crawling around).  The grandfather placed a curse on the next virgin to marry a Fengriffin- a curse which has fallen on Catherine.

Catherine gives birth.  When Charles sees the baby, he goes to Silas’s hut and shoots Silas.  He then goes to the family graveyard and digs up his grandfather Henry.  He attacks the corpse.  We see Catherine looking at the baby, who has the same red birthmark covering half the face.