Submitted by Daniel

While cleaning up from the wedding, Angus receives a box from April and opens it, revealing the plum suit that Angus had earlier rejected. Resolved to grant Grampa’s wish, he rejects an interview from the science school he applied to, wears his plum suit and marches to the school gymnasium, where the dance is held. Angus meets Melissa, and the two converse for the first time. As they are introduced to the students, Rick plays Troy’s videotape on the monitors, which shows Angus dancing with an inflatable doll. The students laugh while Melissa runs out of the gym, and Angus follows.

Outside the gym, Angus apologizes, yet surprisingly Melissa shows her disgust with Rick and reveals that she is bulimic. Finding common ground, the two return to the gym and dance, even as Melissa helps him out with some of the steps. After the two receive a mild reception from the students, Rick scolds Melissa, while Angus comes to her defense. It is here that Angus finally confronts Rick and petitions him to realize that there are in fact many people that don’t fit Rick’s idea of “normal,” are unwantingly ostracized for it, and are fed up with the humiliation. Rick refuses Angus’ plea; nevertheless, the students congratulate Angus for taking a stand.

At the end, Angus walks Melissa home, where she gives Angus a good-night kiss as they part. Angus walks to the street with a smile denoting a sureness he has never felt before. From her window, Melissa secretly views Angus walking confidently into the darkness