Submitted by Taiga

The film is based on the poem of the same name written in 1956 by Nobel Prize winning poet Harry Martinson. Aniara is a luxurious spaceship transporting settlers on a three-week trip from a war-ravaged Earth to colonies on Mars. On route the ship collides with space debris and is forced to eject its fuel, but the collision has changed the ship’s trajectory. They are now headed into deep space, towards the Lyra constellation, with no way to stop or change direction. They are adrift in space with no escape or way to return home.

Mimarobe is the engineer responsible for maintaining Mima, the ship’s AI system that simulates Earth as entertainment for the passengers by accessing their memories. Overwhelmed by the tragic memories of the war survivors and aware of the hopelessness of their situation, Mima self-destructs. The captain and crew, including Mimarobe, try to sustain the ship’s society by training the children to run the ship, but the passengers feel their lives have no meaning. A cult develops around Mima, their last memory of Earth. An object is spotted in Year 6 that they hope will contain fuel, but that hope is dashed. In despair Mimarobe’s partner Isagel kills herself and their son. By Year 25 the surviving passengers are waiting to die.

Six million years later Ariana arrives at the Lyra constellation, where there is an Earth-like planet, but no life remains on board the ship.