Submitted by Angela W

When the zombie apocalypse strikes on Christmas Eve, best friends Anna (Ella Hunt) and John (Malcolm Cumming) take refuge in the bowling alley where they work along with class mates Steph and Chris. Eventually they escape the bowling alley and head to the school where Anna’s dad and Chris’ girlfriend Lisa, and grandmother are sheltering since the Christmas talent show the previous night and are waiting evacuation by the local army (who have already been infected). On the way they run into class bullies Nick (Ben Wiggins) and his friends who have been looting supplies and killing zombies.

They join forces heading to the school and Nick’s friends are bitten while running through a Christmas tree warehouse. John also gets bitten and uses his last moments to carry Anna through the crowd so she can escape. They continue on to the school where headmaster Savage has gone crazy and released zombies into the school. Chris’s grandmother has died of a heart attack and Savage has tied up Anna’s dad on the talent show stage in front of a pit of zombies. Chris and Lisa get bitten trying to distract the zombies while Steph can steal her car keys back from the headmaster’s office. Anna dances and fights her way to the stage where she frees her father who fights with the headmaster. Eventually Anna uses a stage prop to knock the headmaster into a pit of zombies only to find out that her father was already bitten. He tells her he’s proud of her before sending her off with Nick. As they stand outside ready to fight the zombie horde, Steph pulls up in her car. The movie ends with them on the road trying to figure out where to go next.

Some causes of zombie death: crushed with bowling ball, beheaded by pin rack, beheaded by teeter totter, beheaded by toilet seat, beaten with a bowling pin, stabbed with a spatula, hit with a cricket bat, hit with a baseball bat, hit with a watermelon, lured in by a steak on a fishing pole, stabbed with a Christmas ornament, lassoed with a video game controller, and stabbed with a chisel.