Submitted by Julio M

After a very protracted chase and fight between Lang (Paul Rudd) and Hope (Evangeline Lilly) against Burch (Walton Goggins) and Ava (Hannah John-Kamen) to get a hold of Dr. Pym’s (Michael Douglas) “portable” lab building, the good guys manage to recover it.  Then, Pym enters the Quantum Realm to try and find his wife Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer), which, after seeming like he’d go insane from the experience, he does.  Lang and Hope find themselves fighting the evil gang again, which allows Ava to tamper with the machine and try to fix herself by stealing Janet’s energy, despite Foster (Laurence Fishburne) pleading her not to do so -Janet is seen as being disturbed by this while both she and Pym return from the realm-.  Lang and Ava manage to stop her.

Luis (Michael Pena), Dave (T.I.) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian) use the truth serum on the bad guys, which helps to get them busted by the Police.  Pym and Janet return safely and Janet, knowing the distress Ava is in, voluntarily uses some of her own energy to help her get temporarily stabilized.

After this, Lang barely makes it in time back home, before Agent Woo (Randall Park) arrives to officially end his house arrest.  Ava and Foster have to go into hiding.  Pym and Janet “enlarge” their dream house by the beach, to settle.  The X-Con security consulting business is a success.  Lang, Hope and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) enjoy a makeshift drive-in movie while shrunk in front of a laptop with an array of toy cars around them.

Mid-credits scene: Lang works along with Pym, Hope and Jane, harvesting energy from the Quantum Realm to further help Ava’s condition.  He goes into the realm and gets a large sample; but, when he is ready to come out, Pym, Hope and Lange dissolve into dust (stemming from the events at the end of Infinity War), which leaves him stranded in the realm.

Post-credits scene: The giant ant that had been used as a decoy to fool the FBI into thinking Lang was still wearing the ankle bracelet while he was actually out, is seen gleefully playing the drums, while the TV is seen on in the background, with a dead signal (also as a result of the end of Infinity War).