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Author and activist Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) is kidnapped along with other black people to a Civil War re-enactment park called Antebellum, where corrupt and racist Senator Blake Denton (Eric Lange) is keeping them as slaves to preserve the confederate way of life. Veronica was personally taken because her calls for the end of the disenfranchisement of black people goes against Denton’s agenda.

Veronica and others have failed to escape, but after a young woman named Julia hangs herself after suffering a miscarriage brought on by one of the soldiers, Veronica decides enough is enough and that they will escape that night. With the help of another man named Eli/Professor Tarasai (Tongayi Chirisa), they get Denton’s phone, but Denton kills Eli, and Veronica brings Denton down long enough to call her husband and send him her location to give to the police. Veronica brings Denton to a shed where she burns him, plus his son-in-law Jasper and a guard, to death. Denton’s daughter Elizabeth (Jena Malone) chases after Veronica and tries to kill her herself, but Veronica lassoes a noose around Elizabeth and drags her body by horseback until she hits her head and breaks her neck.

The police find Veronica and the other kidnapped people and they tear Antebellum down.