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Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is juggling multiple duties as king of Atlantis, a husband and father, and as Aquaman. Meanwhile, David Kane/Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) continues his quest for revenge against Aquaman after he refused to save David’s father. Manta encounters the Black Trident, giving him greater strength and power since he is being controlled by the spirit of the corrupt King Kordax, brother of King Atlan who forged the Black Trident to gain control over the kingdoms, but it turned Kordax and his people into monsters that now lay hidden away underwater in what is now known as Necrus, the Lost Kingdom.

Arthur frees his brother Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) from prison in order to find David and stop him. Orm reluctantly joins Arthur and fights off several villains with him before they find David’s base of operations in a volcano, where he is using an Atlantean power source called Orichalcum to fuel his weapons. After a fight with Manta, Orm tells Arthur, Mera, Atlanna, and others about the Black Trident’s history and that Kordax is using David to free him using the blood of a direct descendant of Atlan.

David goes for Arthur and Mera’s son Junior, attacking Arthur’s father Thomas and kidnapping the boy before taking him to Necrus. Arthur and his allies join forces with other kingdoms and the creatures of the deep to go after Manta and his goons. Arthur and Orm battle David, leading to David drawing Arthur’s blood and freeing Kordax. The evil king attempts to manipulate them both through the power of the Black Trident, but Arthur is able to destroy the Black Trident, killing Kordax for good and bringing Necrus to collapse upon itself. Arthur offers to save David from falling, but he refuses and allows himself to die.

Arthur and his allies allow Orm to go free and fake his death. Arthur then gets Atlantis to rise to the surface and reveal itself to the world, so that the land and sea may unite as one.

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