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Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) is an author best known for her “Argylle” series of spy books, starring suave British spy Aubrey Argylle. While trying to come up with a proper ending for her next book, Elly meets a spy named Aiden Wilde (Sam Rockwell), who rescues her from a group of assassins onboard a train. Aiden tells Elly that she is being targeted by a terrorist organization called The Division, led by Director Ritter (Bryan Cranston), as they believe Elly’s books predict events in their line of work, and they need her to finish her next book to track down a Master File that would expose all of The Division’s operatives.

After eluding other assassins, Elly runs away with her cat Alfie to her parents home in Chicago. It seems as though Ritter is Elly’s father along with her mother Ruth (Catherine O’Hara), but Aiden lets her know they are both posing as her parents, and Ruth is actually an evil British scientist named Margaret Vogler. Aiden then brings Elly to his employer, Alfred “Alfie” Solomon (Samuel L. Jackson), where Elly learns that “the real Agent Argylle” is actually herself, as she was a former spy named Rachel Kylle (Agent R. Kylle) who lost her memories after a mission gone wrong. Ritter and Vogler got to her first and pretended to be her parents so she can write the books and give up her secrets.

Elly and Aiden retrieve the Master File from a woman named Saba, but The Division captures them. The duo fight off the assassins before killing Ritter and trying to upload the file to Solomon. Vogler tries to mind-control Elly using a music box to kill Aiden, but one of their former associates, Keira, shows up to whack Vogler over the head and break the music box. Elly is freed, and they finish uploading the file before they destroy the ship and flee.

Elly returns to writing and finishes the Argylle series with a happy ending for the famed spy and his friends. Elly is then startled to see a man that looks much like how she envisioned Argylle to be asking her a question.

02 hours 15 minutes