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Brad Sr. rapes Terry to send a message to Brad Jr. about talking to the cops.  He talks anyway, and Brad Sr. ends up killing Brad Jr.’s friends, as well as Tommy and Terry.  Brad Jr. threatens his father with the same gun used in the killings, but instead he testifies against him and his gang in court.

Brad Whitewood Jr. (Sean Penn), having just been kicked out of his home after a fight with his step-father, goes to live with his estranged father Brad Sr. (Christopher Walken).  Brad Sr. is the head of an organized crime family, and Brad Jr. wants to be a part of it, but his Dad says no.  Later, Brad Sr. reconsiders and let’s Brad Jr., along with his half-brother Tommy (Christopher Penn, Sean’s real-life brother) and a few of his friends, pull off some low-risk thefts.

While this is happening, Brad Jr. is starting a relationship with a girl from school, Terry (Mary Stuart Masterson).  Soon, they want to get their own place, so Brad Jr. asks his Dad if he can go with his gang on some jobs so he can get the money needed for it.  Brad Sr. agrees to let his son go on one job as a test to see if he has what it takes to do the work.  It goes without a hitch, and now Brad Jr. is part of the team.  His first job is to help kill and hide the body of Lester, a former member of Brad Sr.’s gang who has been talking to the cops.  Now Brad Jr. realizes that his father and his gang aren’t just thieves, but murderers as well, and he tells his father that he has changed his mind and wants out.

Still needing money for a place for Terry and himself, Brad Jr, along with Tommy and his friends, decide to pull off another heist.  This time, they try to steal a tractor from a dealership, but they are caught and all of them go to jail.  All of them except Brad Jr. soon make bail.  While he is still in jail, his father begins to think that Brad Jr. will soon talk to the cops, even though he isn’t.  As a warning to his son, Brad Sr. rapes Terry.  After she tells Brad Jr. what happened, he starts talking.  When Tommy receives a subpoena to appear in court, Brad Sr. now knows his son is giving them up.  As a result, Brad Sr. orders his gang to kill everyone who can connect his son to them, starting with Brad Jr.’s friends.  Later, Brad Sr. confronts Tommy about what he will say in court.  Tommy says he won’t talk, but Brad Sr. doesn’t believe him and kills him.

Now out of jail, Brad Jr. and Terry are going to leave town.  But before they can leave, they are ambushed by members of Brad Sr.’s gang.  Brad Jr. is seriously wounded but he survived, while Terry was killed.  After washing off the blood, Brad Jr. goes to his Dad’s house.  He finds his Dad’s gun and tells him that he knows that he killed everyone he loves with this gun, and now he will die.  But instead, Brad Jr. says that he won’t kill him with the gun, but he will die everyday for the rest of his life.  The police then arrive and arrest Brad Sr.  The movie ends in court, with Brad Jr. testifying against his Dad and the members of his gang for the murders of Lester, Tommy, Terry, and his friends.