Submitted by Spectre

“John Doe” (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is NOT the killer. His real name is Michael Winslow, a detective who was investigating the murders of the girls.

The real killer is Oliver Bower (James Austin Kerr) the son of Sheriff Roger Bower (William Forsythe). Oliver was killing women who reminded him of his murdered mother out of deep trauma over her death and overall psychopathy. Oliver plans to kill Michael and Diana (Francesca Eastwood) when he is shot and killed by his own father.

Michael confronts Roger and Roger is remorseful by the awful steps he took to protect his son, the only family he had left. He faked Michael’s death, framed him as the killer, and even hired a hit man to take him out (who Michael later killed in self defense) because he knew Michael would eventually put it together again that Oliver was the killer. As police arrive, he tells Michael he won’t run and to tell the truth. As Roger’s friend Frank Ward (Malik Yoba) arrives to the scene, Roger commits suicide out of guilt, unable to face his son’s crimes, and what he did to protect him. Michael is cleared of wrongdoing while Diana looks on from a distance.