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Eva eventually tries to seduce Ron in private like Todd paid her to, but he quickly halts it and says that he can’t do this to Melinda because he knows that she is “the one”. Accepting that he is too good of a person to stray on Melinda, Eva confesses to him that Todd paid her to make him look like a cheater, then gives him the dossier Todd compiled of all of his information as proof that Todd has been trying to kill his relationship with Melinda out of fear that he is going to replace him at her father’s company. Ron then decides to team up with Eva to get back at Todd.

Their revenge plan sees Eva visiting Todd in his bedroom in the guys’ hotel suite and telling him that she wants to have sex with him, and after she handcuffs him to the bed, Ron enters the room pretending to have an attraction to him and wanting to have a wild three-way with them. However, the plan gets ruined when Derek and Jason walk in, so Ron explains to them what Todd’s true motives were for arranging this trip before telling Todd that the only thing he wants is Melinda. Soon after, Melinda enters with her sister Autumn and their mother, having decided to come to Miami after Todd told her in an earlier phone conversation that Ron has had multiple sexual encounters here, and she assumes the worst about what she is seeing before calling Ron a sick man and leaving. Ron tells her that Todd set him up before chasing after her.

When Autumn asks what Ron is talking about, Todd’s assistant Billy shows up at the door, and Eva tells her to ask him. Billy caves in and tells everyone all about Todd’s scheme, and when Todd fires him for this, Billy willingly reveals that Todd has also been embezzling from Melinda’s father’s company and has cheated on Autumn. Autumn orders everyone out of the room and then beats up Todd. Meanwhile, Ron catches up to Melinda and assures her that he has been faithful to her and that he definitely wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and she kisses him and tells him that she wants to elope, having had enough of the “bride-to-be” stuff.

They return to the hotel suite and get married on the balcony by a male stripper from Melinda’s bachelorette party who came along with her, since he told her that he was a licensed minister.

As Ron (Josh Cooke) is enjoying his time in Miami, he meets Eva (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a woman who claims to be engaged herself, and the two of them get along quite well. However, what Ron doesn’t know is that Eva is actually a single woman that Todd (Warren Christie) hired to seduce him into a sexual tryst, get evidence of it, and then bring it to Todd, after which Todd will show it to Melinda and prompt her to terminate her relationship with Ron. Todd has been plotting against Ron because he believes that he is going to replace him at the company run by Melinda’s father Abe (Steve DuMouchel); Abe is retiring soon, and Todd is next in line to succeed him (and he married his daughter/Melinda’s sister Autumn [Karen-Eileen Gordon] solely to improve his chances at being the successor), but because Abe gets along better with Ron and he recently offered Ron an opportunity to come work for his company, Todd came to see Ron as a serious threat to his successorship, hence his stratagem to ruin Ron’s image and therefore his impending marriage by making him look like a philanderer. He even had his assistant Billy (Steven Crowley) put together a dossier containing any and all information that he could dig up on Ron in the hope of finding a weakness that he could use against him.

While she is having her bachelorette party, Melinda decides to call Ron to check in on him. However, his phone is around Todd and Billy when she calls, so Todd answers it, and he soon lies to Melinda by saying that Ron has already slept with multiple women during their time in Miami. Shaken by this news, she hangs up on him and relays what he said to Autumn and their mother Bettina (Audrey Landers), though she feels that this doesn’t seem like something that Ron would do. She then decides to fly to Miami right away to get to the bottom of this, with Autumn, Bettina, and the Plumber (Mauricio Sanchez) (one of the strippers at her party) tagging along.

At a Spring Break party that night, Ron and Eva leave it to go into a private tent. After Billy notifies Todd about it, Todd has him get every hot chick attending the party to come up to their hotel suite for another party in order to ensure that Ron and Eva will be alone. While the second party is in full swing, Betty (Chay Santini) – a member of Sex Addicts Anonymous that Jason (Greg Pitts) got intimate with the day before, along with her fellow member Shawna – shows up with other members of her group and asks Jason to show them a good time, and he agrees with little hesitation. Derek’s (Harland Williams) son Tommy (Max Landwirth) – who disappeared on Derek in the morning in anger after he found out that he married Sonia (Michelle Jones) on a drunken whim the night before – then returns, and after Derek happily hugs him with relief, he shows his father that he has found Sonia and brought her here. He explains that he found her after checking around a couple of karaoke bars; his mother and Derek’s two other ex-wives shared Derek’s love of karaoke, so he didn’t see why Sonia would be any different. He then prods his father to have a chat with her after bringing up how she comes from a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Seth (Danny Jacobs) has a shower in his room, but after he exits the bathroom, he spots the backpack belonging to Gerda (Sandra Seeling) – one of the four attractive female German tourists that Todd invited to stay in the suite in the hope that Ron would cheat on Melinda with one of them, and whom he discovered is a neo-Nazi – resting on the bed. He decides to snoop around in it, and he is very impressed with how clean and organized it is as well as how she carries more than one bottle of hand sanitizer around, just like he does. Gerda then enters and soon throws herself onto him and screws him mercilessly, which both sickens and delights him.

Just then, Melinda, Autumn, Bettina, and the Plumber make their arrival at the hotel, and they follow the trail of partiers straight up to Ron’s suite. Back in the private tent, Ron and Eva converse about marriage, and Ron tells Eva that, despite Todd’s and his friends’ rather negative opinions on marriage and commitment, he is sure that he wants to marry Melinda. Eva soon starts kissing him, but he puts a stop to it and tells her that he definitely can’t do this because he knows in his heart that Melinda is “the one”. After hearing this, Eva accepts that he has too much character to stray on Melinda, so she apologizes to him and confesses that she doesn’t have a fiancé and that Todd paid her to make him look like a cheater. She then provides him with Todd’s dossier on him, and he reads it and learns everything about Todd’s plot against him.

Back at the party, Derek finishes his conversation with Sonia and hugs her before she departs, and he informs Tommy that they have decided to annul the marriage but will continue to date long-distance, having told her that he has a couple of “very important things” back in Cleveland that he must attend to (that being Tommy and his three other children, after having already come to accept that he needs to start behaving more responsibly). He then notices Betty and Shawna and asks Betty just what has been drawing them to Jason, and she explains that the reason they liked having sex with him so much is because he is the best therapy that they ever had…for he is so disgusting that he makes them never want to have sex again. After Jason joins the guys moments later, Seth emerges from his bedroom and tells them all about how he just had sex with Gerda, and he explains that he feels like they were destined to meet because she is a neat freak like him, and he can overlook her being a neo-Nazi because he is a self-loathing Jew.

As Ron’s friends are going through all of that, Eva pays Todd a visit in his bedroom and says that she accomplished her task and Ron is now sleeping on the beach, but she wants to have celebratory sex with him before checking out the pictures of the tryst that she claims to have taken. She handcuffs him to the bed, but then Ron suddenly shows up at the door and carries on like he is attracted to Todd and wants to have a wild threesome with him. In truth, he and Eva have teamed up to give Todd a good scare as payback for his despicable behavior. However, just before anything can really happen, Jason and Derek walk in and ruin the charade, so Ron fills them in on why Todd organized this whole trip before making it clear to Todd that the one and only thing he wants is Melinda. Moments later, Melinda and company appear, and Melinda assumes the worst about what she is seeing and calls Ron a sick man before leaving. As she goes, Ron tells her that this isn’t what she thinks it is and that Todd set him up, then he chases after her. When Autumn asks everyone what Ron is talking about, Billy turns up at the door and Eva tells her to ask him. Billy soon caves in and tells everyone everything about Todd’s scheme, and Todd fires him for squealing. Hurt and upset that Todd would do this to him after being so loyal to him all this time, Billy proceeds to willingly reveal that Todd has been embezzling from Abe’s company for years and has also cheated on Autumn. The enraged Autumn orders everybody to get out of the room, then locks the door and beats the snot out of Todd.

Meanwhile, Melinda runs outside and drives off in a golf cart to get away from Ron, forcing Ron to take a golf cart with two people already on it and pursue her around the hotel grounds. He eventually catches up to her and jumps onto her cart to try to get her to stop, but when they reach a swimming pool where a party is being held, she makes a hard left turn and hits the brakes to avoid hitting some people, sending Ron flying onto a food table and then sliding down into the pool. Alarmed, Melinda jumps into the pool to check on him, and Ron explains what Todd tried to do to him and that what she saw in the bedroom was just him and Eva trying to get back at Todd. He then goes on to explain that, this weekend, he has heard so many reasons as to why they should not tie the knot, but no matter what anyone tells him, all he can think about is the next time he gets to stare into her eyes, and if he gets a chance to do that every day for the rest of his life, that sounds like a pretty good deal to him. Melinda kisses him while the partygoers applaud, then she tells him that she wants to elope because she has become sick of all of the “bride-to-be” hassles.

They head back to the suite, and the Plumber – who earlier told Miranda that he was a licensed minister – marries them on the balcony, which is witnessed by their present family and friends as well as the acquaintances they all made. Afterwards, Jason and Autumn chat with each other and sparks start to fly.

01 hours 44 minutes