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A spoiled and arrogant Prince (Dan Stevens) is cursed by an Enchantress to be a Beast while the subjects in his castle are turned into household objects. The Beast must find someone to love and love him in return before the last petal from the enchanted rose falls, or else he will remain a beast forever.

A village girl named Belle (Emma Watson) seeks adventure away from her hometown. When her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) comes across the Beast’s castle, he is taken prisoner by the Beast. Belle offers to take his place, and the Beast agrees.

While the Beast comes off as rough, he and Belle warm up to each other, and he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Belle is pursued by the boorish hunter Gaston (Luke Evans), who will stop at nothing to marry her. He even tries to have Maurice committed to an asylum so he can have her. The Beast lets Belle go so she can return to her father. When Belle proves the Beast exists, Gaston leads the villagers to attack the castle and kill him.

The castle objects scare the villagers away, but Gaston is determined to kill the Beast. Belle returns as Gaston is fighting the Beast. The Beast spares Gaston’s life, but Gaston shoots the Beast before he falls to his death. The Beast dies as Belle tells him he loves her. The Enchantress, who was disguised as a beggar woman, breaks the spell upon hearing Belle declaring her love, and the Beast and his subjects turn human again. Belle and the Prince then stay together in the castle.