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Romanticized, yet still compelling, version of the conflict between King Henry II and Saint Thomas Becket, based on the 1959 play by Jean Anouilh. Nominated for 12 Oscars, won for Best Screenplay.

As King Henry (the fabulous Peter O’ Toole) descends into melancholy and drunkenness out of frustration with Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket (the incomparable Richard Burton), the barons assassinate both Becket and Brother John (David Weston).

Henry II undergoes flagellation to atone for Becket’s murder, and then announces that the killers will be found, and Becket will be canonized.

In reality, Henry II did not announce Becket’s canonization (Pope Alexander III performed the ceremony in 1173.), and Henry did not hunt down the assassins (they were excommunicated by Pope Alexander, and then spent 14 years as the Pope’s knights.)

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

02 hours 28 minutes