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Pee Wee falls for Gina (Valeria Golino), but she finds out he was engaged to Winnie (Penelope Ann Miller), slaps him, and stops speaking to him. Mace (Kris Kristofferson) announces that the circus will take on a new theme- The American Farm. Later that night, Pee Wee professes his love for Gina, and she understands. Unfortunately, Pee Wee’s infatuation causes him to make a miscalculation with his greenhouse formula, and causes the hot dogs on his hot dog tree to shrink. Even more bewildering of the laws of every science known to man, these smaller hot dogs happen to have a fountain of youth capability, which Pee Wee uses to his advantage to turn the angry townspeople into fun loving children again. The now young townspeople are all excited about seeing the circus, which goes off with a bang. Even though Pee Wee had had trouble earlier learning acts, he finds his calling in walking the tight rope, even doing his dance to “Tequila” on it. Pee Wee and Gina get together, and Winnie gets with all four of Gina’s brothers.